Volume 47

Real-Time Energy Management With Demand Response in a PV-Battery Integrated Urban Aquaponics Farm Wenjing Zhao, Ye Yang, Mingyu Zhao, Monika Varga, Daoliang Li, Yingying Zheng



Urban aquaponics farms, which combining recirculating aquaculture systems with hydroponics, are an innovative and eco-friendly way to meet the animal protein needs of urban populations with limited agricultural land and water resources. Aquaponics farms spend a large percentage of their total operating costs on electricity due to the wide variety of electrical equipment and a single energy supply method. This study proposes a demand response-based method for joint dispatch of greenhouse aquaponics PV output and load that can optimize the unit operation scheme and the battery storage charging/discharging activities to reduce operating costs and maximize the consumption of renewable energy. The case study demonstrates that the proposed method reduces the overall electricity consumption of the farm and improves sustainability and economic efficiency. The proposed approach promotes the sustainable growth of urban aquaponics farms.

Keywords Urban aquaponics farms, renewable energy, demand response, energy management

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