Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

Realizing a Self-sustaining Renewable Hydrogen Sector in California Jeffrey G. Reed, Emily E. Dailey, Brendan P. Shaffer, Blake A. Lane, Robert J. Flores, Amber M. Fong, G. Scott Samuelsen



This paper presents a roadmap for the build-out and deployment of renewable hydrogen (RH2) production facilities in California. The purpose is to provide a fact-base to support policy decisions and inform stakeholders. The analysis includes demand projections, forecasts of technology progress, supply chain costs and temporal and spatial facility siting scenarios. The work places specific focus on lessons from early project activity and projection through 2030 with higher level forecasts through 2050. The work concludes with research needs and policy recommendations to successfully launch and scale the California renewable hydrogen sector. The overall conclusion is that, with appropriate policy support, the renewable hydrogen sector can reach self-sustainability (price point at parity with conventional fuel on a fuel-economy adjusted basis) by the mid to late 2020s.

Keywords Hydrogen, renewable hydrogen, hydrogen production, roadmap, deployment, build-out, RH2

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