Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Recovering Water From Exhaust Using Macroporous Membrane and Microporous Membrane Zhaohao Li, Heng Zhang , Haiping Chen



Recovering water from exhaust could solve the water-shortage problem for some power plants, and it is conductive to the spread of pollutants in the lower atmosphere. Transport membrane condenser (TMC) is a novel device used to recover water from exhaust. In the past, most researchers used mesoporous membrane to manufacture TMC, and the experiments were conducted using the artificial flue gas. In this paper, macroporousTMC and microporous-TMC are proposed and designed. The water recovery performance of both kinds of TMCs are compared experimentally under real flue gas environment. According to the experimental results, the water recovery performance of macroporous-TMC is better than that of microporous-TMC. Furthermore, the effect of Re number of flue gas and cooling water on the water recovery performance are analyzed.

Keywords macroporous membrane, microporous membrane, water recovery, exhaust

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