Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Regional Energy Consumption Simulation Based on BP Neural Network Xueling Liu, Yu Jin, Weijuan Fu*, ShuaiLi , Shuting Yao



Aiming at the establishment of energy system structure and energy network in the new-style towns in North Region of China, based on the BP neural network method, a regional energy consumption calculation model is established to calculate and predict the energy consumption in Beijing in the next 50 years. The total energy consumption, total coal consumption and total oil consumption, the total amount of natural gas consumption, and the total amount of hot water supply are predicted. Results indicate that in the next 50 years, the total energy consumption of all forms in Beijing will increase substantially, but the turning point of growth will be different. The growth of fossil energy such as coal and petroleum will be larger in the first several years, while the growth of clean energy will increase sharply during the period of the last several years.

Keywords regional energy consumption; prediction model; BP neural network, energy system structure; energy network

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