Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Reliability Evaluation of AC/DC Hybrid Distribution Networks with Operation Characteristics of Vsc Converters Considered Wei Wei, Zhou Yitong, Zhu Jie, Hou Kai, Zhao He, Li Zijin, Xu Tao



The uncertainties of outputs of distributed generators (DGs) put higher requirements on the reliability of distribution networks. Meanwhile, with the widely integrated of DGs, AC/DC hybrid distibution network is becoming a general trend. In this paper, an evaluation analysis method is proposed to evaluate the reliability of AC/DC hybrid distribution networks with high integration of DGs. The optimal load shedding model with VSCs is presented. By non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation, a framework of evaluating AC/DC hybrid distribution networks is presented. Case studies are performed on the modified IEEE 123-node network. Finally, by comparing with a modiefied AC distribution network, the reliability improvement brought by DC network is verified.

Keywords reliability evaluation, AC/DC hybrid distribution networks, distributed generators, optimal load shedding model

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