Volume 14: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part III

Removal of NO by synergistic oxidation of electrocatalytic oxidation and persulfate Kunpeng Li, Hui Hu *, Hao Huang, Lvhai Yang, Shicheng Yuan



Traditional NO removal technology was restricted in many special industries and fields. In this study, electrochemically-activated persulfate (EC/PS) system was selected to carry out NO removal research. Influencing factors such as anode, gas flow, reaction temperature, current density, PS concentration, etc. have been studied. It was found that the EC/PS system has a stable removal effect of NO, and the removal rate can be stabilized above 60% under optimal conditions. The Ti/SnO2 anode shows excellent oxidation performance in the EC/PS system. Reaction temperature and gas flow are the main factors that affect the NO removal effect of the EC/PS system. The findings of this research might provide a practical reference for promoting the removal of NO.

Keywords NO removal, electrocatalytic oxidation, persulfate, EC/PS system

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