Volume 38: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Research on Capacity Configuration of Wind Solar Off-grid Hydrogen Production System Xuesong Chang, Yingzi Xian, Bolong Mao, Jiawei Chen, Xiumin Li, Xin Du, Lei Wang*



This paper mainly studies the configuration issues of the wind solar off-grid hydrogen production system. The system consists of a WT, PV array, energy storage batteries, an alkaline electrolyser, and a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser. The addition of PEM electrolyzer aims to reduce wind and solar power curtailment and improve the energy utilization efficiency of the system.Firstly, the study establishes simplified mathematical models for each device, designs a power-flow strategy, and develops an economically optimal objective function. The model is solved using the optimized sparrow optimization algorithm to obtain the system configuration and other important indicators such as annual energy output power and H2 production.For a scenario with a 1 MW WT and a 1 MW PV panel hydrogen production, the system configuration is determined as follows: EES with a capacity of 244 kWh, alkaline electrolyser with a power of 863 kW, PEM electrolyser with a power of 198 kW, and hydrogen storage tank capacity of 3060 kg. The energy utilization efficiency is 51% and the investment cost is approximately 2.38 million$.

Keywords hydrogen production system, configuration capacity, off-grid wind solar system, electrolyser model

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