Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Research on Charging User Discount Rebate and Reservation Priority Strategy for Electric Vehicle Access Yifan Wang, Hui Hou*, Meifang Wei, Xixiu Wu, Yubao Zhang, Haijun Liu



Path anxiety is a major problem for electric vehicles, and charging infrastructure is indispensable to solve this problem. How to guide an electric vehicle to the optimal charging facility is a problem worth studying. This paper proposes a charging user discount rebate and reservation priority strategy for large scale electric vehicles (EV) access. First of all, the response characteristics of EV users to the discounts and reservation strategies of charging stations are analyzed and the user satisfaction decision model including economic satisfaction and reservation satisfaction is established. Secondly, the charging station benefit model with the goal of maximizing the benefits of the charging station is established. Eventually, the effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by a simulation considering two types of charging stations. The simulation is solved by using genetic algorithms (GA) and the simulation results show that the strategy can effectively attract users to charge and improve the interest of the charging station, as well as improve user satisfaction.

Keywords Electric Vehicles (EV), Charging Strategy, User Satisfaction, Discount, Genetic Algorithm (GA)

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