Volume 1: Energy Innovations: Accelerated Deployment, New Concepts, and Emerging Technologies

Research On Condensation and Evaporation in Gas Wave Refrigerator Peiqi Liu, Xiang Li, Mingyu Feng, Yang Yu, Dapeng HU, Ming Dao*



Gas wave refrigerator uses movement of pressure waves to realize refrigeration. When high pressure inlet gas contains condensable component, condensation happens in gas wave refrigerator. By means of numerical simulation and experiment, this paper investigates effects of condensation on performance of gas wave refrigerator. The results show that evaporation also exists in gas wave refrigerator. Latent heat released by condensation makes temperature of low temperature region rise. When the gas in high pressure inlet contains saturated water vapor, with the increase of pressure of high pressure inlet, the percentage of reduction of temperature drop firstly rises then drops. Results of experiment show that with the increase of high pressure inlet relative humidity, the temperature drop between high pressure inlet and low temperature outlet decreases. With higher pressure of high pressure inlet, change trend of temperature drop becomes gentle.

Keywords condensation, evaporation, refrigeration, pressure waves, pressure oscillation tube

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