Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

Research on converter control strategy in energy storage system of communication base station Xingmin He, Baina He, Rongxi Cui, Jingru Zhang, Yanchen Dong, Renzhuo Jiang, Yujia Liu



In the infrastructure of communication base stations, the power supply system is an important component. The bi-directional DC-DC converter of the energy storage system is important for maintaining system stability and ensuring safe operation of the load. In this paper, the mathematical model of lithium battery is studied, the topology and operating mode of the bi-directional converter for energy storage are analyzed, and the control strategy of the energy storage converter is summarized. The MATLAB/Simulink simulation results prove the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

Keywords Energy storage systems, DC-DC bi-directional converters, communication base stations, distributed energy sources

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