Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Research on Energy Saving and Loss Reduction Strategy Based on Reasonable Line Loss Interval of Low-voltage Distribution Network Wei Hu, Qiuting Guo, Xu Huang, Weiheng Wang



It is difficult to calculate the theoretical line loss of low-voltage distribution transformer area and the evaluation index of transformer line loss is extensive. In this paper, a reasonable interval calculation model of line loss is established based on the convolutional neural network based on the data of electricity information acquisition system. The model can estimate the reasonable line loss interval according to the operation data of different transformers. On this basis, the line loss evaluation system is established and the rectification plan of abnormal line loss is formed. The method in this paper can improve the quality and efficiency of line loss lean management and produce certain effect for saving electric energy and improving economic benefit of power supply.

Keywords line loss interval, convolutional neural network, line loss management, loss reduction

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