Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Research on Flow-induced Vibration Response and Energy Conversion performance of Four-cylinder Acquatic Clean Energy Harvesting Device Qunfeng Zou, Lin Ding, Tian Song, Li Zhang



Flow induced vibrations (FIVs) of four tandem circular cylinders with roughness strips are numerically studied in Reynolds number range of 30,000≤Re≤100,000. The power conversion and FIV responses are discussed. The VIV initial branch, VIV upper branch, VIV to galloping transition, and galloping are clearly observed for first cylinder. The amplitude ratio curves of third and fourth cylinders show an upward trend and the branches of FIV are not obvious. Both the converted power and conversion efficiency of four cylinders are higher than those of one, two and three cylinders when 62,049≤Re≤90,000. The maximum total converted power reaches to 103W when Re=100,000.

Keywords flow-induced vibration, galloping, power conversion, four circular cylinders

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