Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Research on Key Technology of Extending Power Supply Radius in Sparse Area Guoqing Xu, Huili Wu, Yue Fan, Senlin Yang, Lishan Ma, Lei Wang



The extension of power supply radius of every single substation by technology has become a primary task of electric power construction in western China. This paper proposes a new scheme to extend the power supply radius in sparse areas, simultaneously realizing voltage boosting and unified power quality compensation through two smart parallel power electronic subsystems. Dynamic voltage regulating technique is used to compensate voltage loss while three phase unbalance compensation, reactive power compensation and filtering are solved in one topology. After simulated by Matlab/Simulink and field-tested in Guoluo State, the result shows great changes in lifting voltage and improving power factor (to above 0.95), which utterly solves the problem of power supply radius extension and lays a foundation for further construction of smart grid in west area.

Keywords smart gird, FACTS, dynamic voltage regulator, unified power quality compensator

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