Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Research on Load Flexibility Adjustment of Coal-fired Power Plant Based on Thermal Energy Storage in 50%THA Haijiao WEI, Yuanwei LU, Cancan ZHANG, Yuting WU, Haiyu PANG



This paper presents a novel approach to integrating a thermal energy storage (TES) system in coal-fired power plant. Which can improve the load flexibility of coal-fired power plant(CPP) through reheat steam extraction(RSE) for increasing the power output of renewable resources into the grid. The novel system and its operation mode were described. The load flexibility was increased in charging and discharging of CPP. The 50%THA of 600MW coal-fired power plant was select as basic condition. The results show that the operating range of the CPP was widened from 34.78%THA~ 54.66%THA through integrating TES system and thermal energy release(TER) system. The proposal of this problem can provide some guiding ideology for peak shaving of CPP.

Keywords coal-fired power plant, reheat steam extraction, thermal energy storage, thermal energy release, load flexibility adjustment

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