Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Research on Power Generation Performance and Waste Heat Utilization of Gas-CO2 Combined Cycle System Jingkui Zhang, Wen Yan, Zhongzhu Qiu, Puyan Zheng, Yi Fan, Jiakai Zhang



This work proposes a combined cycle, a gas turbine power generation system and a CO2 cycle power generation system built on the basis of the Ericsson cycle. In this paper, the structure of the combined cycle system is firstly constructed, the temperature-entropy diagram of the gas-CO2 system is plotted, the simulation model is built on the simulation software platform and its accuracy and validity are verified, and the effects of CO2 flow rate, pressure ratio, ambient temperature and gas turbine loading rate on the power generation efficiency and primary energy utilization efficiency of the combined system are studied and analyzed. The simulation results have led to the optimal operating conditions of the gas-CO2 combined cycle, which provides a new technical idea for the future utilization of waste heat energy.

Keywords gas turbine, CO2 cycle, combined cycle system, waste heat utilization, electricity production effectiveness

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