Volume 26: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part I

Research on the Automatic Control Method of the Multi-Dimensional Gas Turbine Simulation Zihao Jia, Hailong Tang, Fangfei Ning, Min Chen



For the retrofit design of energy systems with mature and unchanged core components but limited test conditions, accurate flow field information for new or modified components is a fast and effective evaluation method. This article employs the gas turbine as the research object, proposing an automatic control method composed of the Newton-Raphson algorithm and the volume method to predict the 0D/3D multi-dimensional simulation performance and complete the ground test verification. The key innovation point of this article is to propose a high-efficiency, accurate, and universal multi-fidelity automatic control method that can realize the fast and low consumption modified performance evaluation of energy machinery. And it is conducive to the design and development of advanced energy machinery in the future when the component characteristics are lacking.

Keywords Multi-dimensional, simulation, gas turbine, retrofit, automatic control

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