Volume 12: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part I

Research progress of encrypted keyword search based on blockchain Linqian Wang, Jine Tang, Bo Qiu , Jinghang Shi



In recent years, with the development of IOT and the use of new energy, the information security problems of energy big data are gradually revealed, to further improve the privacy and security of data, the open and transparent blockchain technology is introduced. At present, some scholars have introduced blockchain technology into big data query, and the query types are also various. This paper mainly summarizes the research on keyword search based on blockchain in recent years, and analyzes its application potential in energy information security. The general structure of this paper includes a brief introduction to blockchain, the research progress of keyword search based on blockchain. Finally, this paper makes some prospects on the storage and resource consumption of keyword search based on blockchain.

Keywords blockchain technology, energy information security , keyword search, searchable encryption, smart contract

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