Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Researches on Heat Dissipation Characteristics of Integrated Controller In-Wheel Motor Jie Jiao, Youtong Zhang, Liqing Sun, Tao Li



This paper presents the heat dissipation problem of an integrated controller in-wheel motor. The temperature field of the in-wheel motor is calculated based on the finite element method. The temperature rise law of the stator winding and IGBT is analyzed, and a cooling channel structure which can simultaneously cool the in-wheel motor and the control system is proposed. The experimental results show that the cooling effect is optimal when the flow rate of the cooling water is 4 L/min, the winding temperature is reduced by 31 °C, and the IGBT temperature is reduced by 49.65 °C. The simulation accuracy error is less than 6.3 %, and the heat dissipation model has a high precision

Keywords Integrated Controller In-Wheel Motor, Heat Loss Model, Combined Water Channel, Temperature Field

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