Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

Resilience-constrained Long-term Reserve Planning of Integrated Gas and Power Systems Minglei Bao, Kexin Wang, Maosheng Sang, Ziyang Liang, Yi Ding



The increasing frequency of extreme weather events nowadays has posed a great threat to the reliable operation of integrated gas and power systems (IGPSs). Thus, a resilience-based approach is in urgent need for investment and operation for IGPSs to avoid the impacts of natural disasters. This paper presents a long-term reserve expansion model to enhance the resilience of IGPSs to extreme events. According to the spatial features of windstorms, the analytical resilience constraints are firstly formulated considering the energy interactions between the power system and the gas system. Moreover, the developed resilience constraints are added to the reserve optimization model to determine the investments of power units and gas storage. In the proposed model, both the operating constraints and investment constraints of IGPSs are considered. Finally, the proposed methods are validated using an integrated gas and power testing system.

Keywords reserve expansion, integrated gas and power systems, resilience constraints, windstorms.

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