Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Resilience Enhancing Strategy for Distribution Network Considering Micro-Energy Grid Ge Shaoyun, Zhang Chenghao, Liu Hong, Cao Yuchen, Li Jifeng



Aiming at the failure with large scale and long lasting time of distribution network(DN) under extreme natural disaster, a strategy of micro-energy grid(MG) and DN improving resilience in coordination in the process of dealing with surface nature disaster is proposed. First, combining the system function curve of DN under extreme disasters, a framework of resilience enhancing strategy during the overall process is proposed. Second, during the stage of DN defending and adapting to disasters, rolling outage management scheme when MG is in islanding state is raised, which considers the relevance among cool, heat and electric load as well as the influence of the remaining capacity in ESS on the next stage. Third, during the stage of fault recovery, robust DN fault recovery model which considers MG’s supporting role is established, including raising the master-problem of fault repair plan and the sub-problem of restoration plan of some repair plan; through iteration of the masterproblem and sub-problem, the optimal fault recovery strategy is worked out. Finally, the effectiveness of the method proposed in this paper is verified.

Keywords micro-energy grid, distribution network, resilience, island partition, robust optimization

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