Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Retrieval of Ammonia as Energy Source from Municipal Wastes by Electrochemical Deionizing and Ingathering Method Xiao Feng, Xu Yang, Binbin Yu, Zucheng Wu*, Wen Liao, Qiong Ren



Ammonia as energy carrier has been recognized and is a hot research topic in recent years. NH3-N often contaminated in municipal wastewater and caused eutrophication of water body. The use of an electrochemical deionizing and ingathering (EDI) method exhibits the ability to segregate targeted ions absorbed in a dilute solution. Through multistage experiment, we demonstrated a concentration of NH4 of 836.3 mg/L and 1734.8 mg/L, 1032 and 953 times of magnitude respectively in the multistage process. Besides, we analyzed the possibility of separation of these ions by increasing applied voltage. This technology provides a feasibility of retrieving ammonia from a very low concentration in wastewater to be as energy resources.

Keywords electrochemical deionizing and ingathering, ammonia ions, segregation

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