Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Review of Waste Heat Recovery Technologies for High Temperature Slags Meiquan Li, Shuzhong Wang, Zhaoyu xiao, Zhiqiang Wu, Jun Zhao, Liwei Ma



The molten slag discharged at high temperature between 1450°C~1450°C from the metallurgical industries, which is a kind of high-quality waste heat resource with extremely high utilization value. The various technologies of waste heat recovery of high temperature slags at home and abroad were summarized and compared in the paper. Through the technical comparison and analysis of the packed bed, fluidized bed and moving bed waste heat recovery scheme, it is concluded that the moving bed has significant technical advantages in recovering the waste heat of high temperature slags. The moving bed is the best solution to recover the waste heat from the high temperature slag.

Keywords high temperature slag, waste heat recover, technology schemes, Iron and steel industry

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