Volume 41: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IV

Roadmap to Offshore Power-Liquid Hydrogen Co-production and Hybrid Delivery System Based on Superconducting Technology Yang Jian, Li Yanzhong, Tan Hongbo



As offshore wind farms (OWFs) evolve to larger scale and longer distance, superconducting technology has an opportunity for application. Liquid hydrogen (LH2) is an ideal cooling medium for superconductors used in OWFs and is a high-quality product. Therefore, an offshore power-LH2 co-production and hybrid delivery system based on superconducting technology is designed. The SEC, EXE, and COP of hydrogen liquefaction and subcooling integration process are 8.82 kWh/kgLH2, 40.6%, and 0.15, respectively. LH2 is produced to cool superconducting generators and transported ashore along with electricity using the hybrid energy pipeline. At a LH2 delivery rate of 1 kg/s, the maximum delivery distance of the hybrid energy pipeline can reach 81.7 km.

Keywords Offshore wind power, Liquid hydrogen production, Superconducting generator, Hybrid energy pipeline

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