Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Robust Energy Management Strategy of Fuel Cell/Ultracapacitor Hybrid-Powered Vehicle Based on Min-Max Game Theory Zhendong Sun, Yujie Wang, Zonghai Chen*



The energy management strategy (EMS) plays an important role in the power system of hybrid-powered fuel cell vehicles in order to reduce hydrogen consumption and fuel cell performance degradation. This paper proposes a robust EMS based on the min-max game theory, where the EMS and the driver behavior are set as two virtual game players making decisions for opposite goals. First, a mathematical model of the hybrid-powered fuel cell vehicle is introduced, that include a transmission system, an ultracapacitor system, a fuel cell system, and the DC/DC converter. Then, a min- max game framework is constructed to describe the energy management problem of fuel cell/ultracapacitor hybrid-powered vehicle with uncertain environment. Finally, the high efficiency and robustness of the proposed strategy are validated by comparing it to the PID-based strategy in the dynamic driving condition.

Keywords Energy management strategy, Ultracapacitor,PEM fuel cell, Game theory

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