Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Safranine O, an Acid-Resistant and Environmentally Friendly Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Yanzhen Liu, Yangmin Kuang,Lei Yang, Feng Yu, Jiafei Zhao



Hydrate formation and blockage are commonly encountered in gas and oil transportation pipelines, causing significant equipment damages and financial loss. The development and utilization of environmentally friendly and low dosage kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs) could help remit hydrate formation and protect the pipelines. Safranine O is considered a promising candidate with huge potential. Safranine O is soluble in water and self-assembles into macromolecules with antifreeze protein properties. In this work, it was found that 0.1 wt% safranine O could completely inhibit the formation of methane hydrate at a subcooling of 7.7 °C. Upon a higher dosage of 1 wt%, the inhibition subcooling could be further extended to 8.59 °C. In the both CIR and SGR, the inhibitory effect of 0.5% mass fraction safranine O was better than 0.5% mass fraction PVCap. This will effectively limit the formation of hydrate at a wide temperature and pressure range. The results could provide a brand new KHI with promising applications in the prevention of hydrate blockage in gas pipelines.

Keywords kinetic hydrate inhibitors, safranine O, antifreeze protein, acid-resistant

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