Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Sensitivity Analysis on the Operating Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in China Chenhang Bian, Chunmei Guo, Xi Chen, Chi-chung Lee



With the development of sustainable concepts and zero-energy buildings, improving the energy efficiency of the overall operation phase of the building has an increasing impact on reducing energy consumption. Currently, most studies lack the analysis of key influencing factors of building energy efficiency evaluation, and thus cannot provide specific suggestions for the building energy efficiency. This paper aims to comprehensively evaluate the energy efficiency of the operation stage, which accounts for the largest proportion of the whole building life cycle, and conduct a sensitivity analysis on various subsystems and equipment of building energy systems to find the key factors and hurdles that affect the improvement of the energy efficiency. This work will provide specific suggestions for the energy performance diagnosis and renovation of existing buildings in China, and is of great significance to comprehensively evaluating high-consumption building equipment and improving the overall building quality.

Keywords public buildings, operation stage, energy efficiency evaluation, sensitivity analysis, energy efficiency improvement

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