Volume 21: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part IV

Simulation Modelling of Hydrogen Thermochemical Cu-Cl Cycle Integration in a Gas Steam Power Plant Dušan Strušnik, Marko Agrež, Jurij Avsec



To increase the use efficiency of energy source production, the simulation modelling of hydrogen thermochemical Cu-Cl cycle integration into the existing gas-steam power plant is elaborated. The hydrogen produced is stored in tanks and consumed when the market price is favourable. The results of the modelling showed that the production and use of hydrogen, in combination with fuel cells, are expedient for the provision of tertiary services in the electricity system. In the event of a collapse of the electricity system, hydrogen and fuel cells could be used to produce electricity for the own use of the thermal power plant. The advantages of independent production of electricity are especially reflected in the start-up of a gas-steam power plant, as it is not possible to start a gas turbine without external electricity.

Keywords Cu-Cl cycle, electricity system collapse, gas-steam power plant, fuel cells, hydrogen production, independent production

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