Volume 33: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Simulation Study on Static Sealing Performance of Packer Rubber Cylinder in SC-CO2 Environment Haicheng Li, Qiming Gao, Yu Han, Junzhe Ma, Duo Gong



Aiming at the problems of sealing and tearing failure of packer rubber cylinder during CO2 downhole injection.Using Comsol multi-physical field simulation software, the packer rubber cylinder model in SC-CO2 environment is established. Based on the thermal analogy method to simulate the gas invasion swelling process, analyze the deformation and stress of the rubber cylinder caused by temperature, pressure and CO2 gas invasion swelling.The results show that under the SC-CO2 environment, with the influence of gas invasion and swelling, the packer rubber cylinder body is prone to large deformation, and the maximum shear stress is significantly increased, leading to shear failure of the rubber cylinder.Reducing the initial setting pressure can alleviate the impact of deformation, but the reduction of the maximum contact pressure can easily cause the rubber cylinder to lose its seal.Analyze the change rule between various factors and the maximum contact pressure of the rubber cylinder, which provides a certain theoretical basis and technical support for improving the sealing performance of the packer rubber cylinder in the SC-CO2 environment.

Keywords SC-CO2, Packer Rubber Cylinder, Sealing Performance, Swelling

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