Volume 42: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part V

Simultaneous Optimization and Screening of Integrated HEN-AR System for Zeolite/NH3 Working Pair Li Zhao, Kai Zhao, Chang He, Qinglin Chen, Bingjian Zhang



Low-grade waste heat driven AR technology is considered a promising strategy to realize near-zero-carbon cooling applications. The HEN plays a critical role in the chemical process industry owing to its significant impact in the energy recovery. For abundant industrial waste heat, an integrated HEN-AR superstructure combining microscopic adsorption capacity prediction, mesoscopic AR unit and waste heat recovery system is proposed to satisfy specific refrigeration requirements. A MINLP model is formulated, and the objective function is to minimize TAC. In this paper, simultaneous optimization and screening of integrated HEN-AR system for 11 zeolite/NH3 working pairs in a practical industrial case is investigated. 6 working pairs have the ability to achieve the cooling capacity of 1350 kW at 287 K. A new power-based coefficient of performance for cooling 〖COP〗_C^P is innovatively proposed with power consumption replacing free low-grade waste heat. The optimal IRN/NH3 working pair is identified, with the highest COPc, COPpc, SCP. Configuration and thermodynamic analysis for the HEN-AR system with superior IRN/NH3 working pair are comprehensively elaborated. The integrated HEN-AR model offers bright insights for low-grade waste heat adsorption refrigeration applications.

Keywords low-grade waste heat, integration, HEN-AR, zeolite/NH3

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