Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

Slagging, Fouling, Abrasion, and Corrosion Potential in Cofiring Biomass SRF With Bituminous Coal Blend Hafizh Ghazidin, Hanafi Prida Putra, Nur Cahyo, Ardi Nugroho, Rahmat Ranggonang Anwar, Muhammad Hasan Albana, Hariana



Paris Agreement has prompted the world for using clean energy. Biomass Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) has the potential to substitute fossil fuel for supplying energy. However, several problems such as slagging, fouling, abrasion, and corrosion need to be investigated before applying SRF as fuel. This study was conducted to evaluate slagging, fouling, abrasion, and corrosion potential in blending Indonesian coals with SRF by using an initial prediction calculation based on ash characteristics. Indonesian coals (MRC Coal and LRC Coal) and SRF was blended with various composition. 50% MRC Coal and 50% LRC Coal was blended to obtain A Coal. Then, blending 5%-25% SRF with A Coal was conducted to obtain other coals. Then, the risk level of those potentials was classified based on a certain score. High slagging risk and medium fouling risk were obtained in blending Indonesian coal with 25% SRF. However, the use of 20% SRF in a blend of Indonesian coal and SRF is still safe although it could increase the slagging potential to medium risk. Increased risk of abrasion and corrosion was not found in any composition.

Keywords Indonesian coal, biomass SRF, slagging, fouling, abrasion, and corrosion

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