Volume 23: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VI

Smart augmented reality with AI service expert for world’s industries Madeleine Martinsen, Yuanye Zhou, Erik Dahlquist, Jinyue Yan, Konstantinos Kyprianidis



Many businesses have begun their digitalization journey. 4G/5G and internet of things (IoT) have made their entrance into the industries, universities, society, culture and clothing businesses with new tools and applications that supports for example virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). AR is a technology that for example allows the ability to support and guide customers, supported by smart glasses and other devices, around the world when service technicians cannot travel to the customer. Despite a pandemic that, as one might think, should have made the introduction of AR go smoothly and quickly, this technology seems to be introduced with a slow pace. In this paper a smart framework for AR utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) will be explored. This literature study investigates a concept and suggest a framework for creating smart AR that learn from all errors handled over AR calls and thus builds up a database of errors and solutions. When services can be provided via smart AR, the opportunity is given to reduce travels, which in turn has a positive environmental impact and additionally contributes to an increased productivity when service can be given instantly when the error occur.

Keywords intelligent systems, augmented reality (AR), CO₂ emissions, digitalization, internet of things (IoT), industry / service

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