Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Smart Grid Privacy Protection Strategy Based on Solar Energy and Rechargeable Battery Wang hongyan, Xu jiajia



In smart grid, massive high-precision real-time electricity consumption data recorded in smart meter seriously threatens user privacy safety. In this paper, we propose an algorithm named DPRB (Data Precision Reduction Based) which can discretize smart grid energy supply into limited levels to control smart meter readings being several standard values rather than high-precision time-varying data, thus achieving the purpose of user privacy protection. We also consider time-sharing price and solar energy supply to reduce the total electricity cost. What’s more, according to the different ways of selecting values of the power supply of smart grid, the DPRB algorithm is divided into the BCM-DPRB (Best-Costsaving Method DPRB) algorithm and the RM-DPRB (Random Method DPRB) algorithm.

Keywords smart grid, privacy protection, rechargeable battery, solar energy, GPRB algorithm

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