Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Smart Meter Use Case for Low Voltage Distribution System Operation Yong Soon Kim, Dong Su Lee, Seung Wan Kim



Recently, with the introduction of DER (Distributed Energy Resources) such as wind, solar, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles, distribution systems have also started to produce and trade electricity. In order to cope with the changing system environment, countries around the world recognize that new functions for distribution system operation are needed, and application research based on AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) is underway. However, it is still in the research stage and there is no specific functional design. In this paper, in line with the spread of AMI in Korea, four business use cases that can be implemented using AMI are defined. These are related to the distribution system and DER control, and the information exchange sequence was designed and represented as a Unified Modeling Language diagram. DSO (Distribution System Operator) can establish a foundation for improving distribution system operation and secure LV (Low Voltage) distribution system visibility through the implementation of this business use case.

Keywords AMI, DER and power system control, business case, business use case, sequence of information exchange

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