Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Smart PV windows for improving building energy conservation and flexibility Yutong Tan, Jinqing Peng, Meng Wang



The smart PV window, integrated of solar cells and electrochromic coating, is of great significance in the pursuit of building decarbonization, as it combines power generation and radiation modulation capabilities. This study aims to unraveling the untapped potential of smart PV windows in the realm of enhancing building energy conservation and flexibility in hot climates. To achieve this objective, a co-simulation approach utilizing EnergyPlus and Radiance software is employed, along with the implementation of the EMS module to control the coloring states of the smart PV window. The findings reveal that, compared to the Low-E window, the smart PV window with solar radiation control improves the proportion of the useful daylight illuminance by 61.8%, yields a significant reduction in peak load by 72.3%, a decrease in monthly net energy consumption by 53.9%, and an enhancement in energy flexibility by 51.8% in Hong Kong (22.32°N, 114.17°E).

Keywords Smart PV windows, energy conservation, energy flexibility, control strategy

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