Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Solar Cooling Technology: Recent Development and Future Aspects Sunita Mahavar, Ankit Goyal, Mohsin Khan



In world’s context the energy consumption for air conditioning and cold is rising year by year. Solar cooling is one of the most promising solutions to the worsening energy and climate issues. It can provide a sustainable active air-conditioning possibility due to reduce greenhouse gas emission as well as electricity consumption. This paper discusses current development and future aspects of solar cooling technology. The selection of adsorbent-adsorbate materials and solar collector are important to improve the solar cooling system. It is revealed in review that coefficient of performance (COP) of solar flat plate collector technology are still insignificant in range as well as systems are not economically viable. The use of highly efficient integrated solar concentrator systems able to achieve temperature up-to 180C can increase the COP by a significant amount and can pave a path to the future of this technology.

Keywords Solar cooling, Paraboloid solar concentrator, Absorption chiller, Evacuated tube collector (ETC)

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