Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Steady-State Simulation of Gas Distribution Networks in the Presence of Localized Hydrogen Injections Dominique Adolfo , Carlo Carcasci



Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the zero-carbon emission objective of the global 2050 long-term strategy. The injection into the gas grid, of the hydrogen “green” gas produced by the power to gas technology, is a potential solution to reduce CO2 emissions. This paper developed a steady-state model for quality tracking in gas networks. A gas distribution network with two principal natural gas sources and a localized hydrogen source was simulated. Results show how the hydrogen injected affects the pressure and the quality of gas delivered. The influence depends on the location of the injection node and changes during the day. It can be reduced by choosing an appropriate position of the hydrogen source.

Keywords Natural gas, Alternative gas, Hydrogen injection, Gas quality, Gas distribution network.

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