Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Study of the combustion performance of new biomass heating stoves Zhijie Zhang, Yanqiang Di, Chen Zhao, Zhen Li, Shousong Liu, Haiyan Di, Mengying Li



This paper investigates the combustion performance of a new biomass heating stove. Firstly, a typical structure of a house is used as the design object for load calculation; then the stove structure is designed for experimental system design, and the results of the simulation and experiment are compared with the corresponding working conditions to test the model, and the model is used to analyze the factors influencing the pellet accumulation resistance, and the influence law of the pellet parameters on the accumulation resistance is obtained. The combustion characteristics of biomass pellets are investigated and combined with static stacking characteristics and dynamic combustion characteristics, firstly, a combustion model is established and the size range of feasible biomass pellets is initially determined by measuring the combustion efficiency in terms of the percentage of volatilization analysis during the pellet combustion process; subsequently, the volatilization analysis cloud at the central interface of the stove is changed and the morphological parameters of the pellets in the model are changed to obtain the influence of the size change of the pellets in this range on the volatilization The effect of the change in particle size on the volatilization of the particles in this range is then obtained.

Keywords biomass fuels, heating stoves, combustion simulation, resistance simulation, combustion characteristics

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