Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Study on Combustion Characteristics of Crystalline Product of Biomass Water Washing Leachate Zhiming Jiang, Jiahao Jiang, Yuesheng Li, Yanfei Qiu, Changzhi Song, Lei Deng, Defu Che



Water washing pretreatment could alleviate the problems of ash deposition and slagging during the combustion of biomass. A large amount of washing leachate will be produced during the washing process. In this study, two kinds of biomass (corn stalk, rice husk) are selected as the research object. The combustion characteristics of the crystalline product of the water-washed leachate are studied by a thermal synchronization analyzer. The influence of biomass species and washing temperature on the combustion characteristics of leachate crystallization products was analyzed. The results show that the maximum combustion rate of the leachate crystals of corn stalk increases with the decrease of heating rate. The ignition temperature of the crystalline product of the corn stalk washing leachate increases with the increase of washing temperature. The ignition temperature of rice husk leachate crystals with the washing temperature at 60°C is higher than 30 and 90°C. Compared with the corn stalk leachate crystals, the rice husk leachate crystals have a lower ignition temperature. It is important to investigate the combustion characteristics of biomass leachate crystals which could provide the assistance in the treatment of leachate after washing.

Keywords water washing, biomass, leachate crystals, combustion characteristics

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