Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Study on Cooperative Matching Performance of Pump in Marine Biomass Diesel Engine-Organic Rankine Cycle Combined System Based on Gt-Suite Xu Ping, Hongguang Zhang, Baofeng Yao, Mengru Zhang, Chongyao Wang,Xin Shi



GT-Suite software is used to build a marine biomass diesel engine-organic Rankine cycle system. The accuracy of the simulation models of marine biomass diesel engine and organic Rankine cycle are verified. On the premise of verifying the accuracy, the influence of pump speed on the combined system is studied under the operating condition of engine speed 2100 r/min, 100% load. After design of experiment (DOE), the artificial neural network (ANN) prediction model is built under the premise of engine speed 2100 r/min, 100% load. And the speed of pump is predicted to maximize the output power of the combined system. The result show that the output power of the optimized combined system is 2.5 percentage points higher than the primary engine.

Keywords Marine biomass diesel engine, Organic Rankine cycle, Combined system, Design of experiment, Artificial neural network

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