Volume 24: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VII

Study on heat storage performance of a single hot water tank with heat insulation board as thermocline layer Chun Chang, Jiangshuo Dong, Jiaying Zheng, Xiaoyu Xu, Peiyao Duan,Mingzhi Zhao, Xiaobo Luo



The mixing of cold and hot fluids caused by inlet and outlet or natural convection in a heat strorage tank, interfere with temperature stratification will reduce the thermal performance of the heat storage tank. In this paper, a method of installing movable heat insulation board in a single tank heat storage is proposed. The temperature field of heat storage tank equipped with heat insulation board and traditional heat storage tank is simulated and analyzed. Results show that under static conditions, the mixing of cold and hot fluids in the traditional single tank will lead to rapid heat transfer, which is the main factor the maximum fluid temperature. The heat insulation board can prevent mixing, so as to ensure the heat storage system maintains higher exergy. The thermal performance of the heat storage tank can be improved by selecting materials with low thermal conductivity to make heat insulation board.

Keywords sing tank, heat storage, thermocline, exergy, heat insulation board

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