Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Study on the Adaptability of Clean Heating in Winter In Rural Areas of Shandong Province Meng Wang, Zhong Ma,Yuxin Bai



Promoting clean heating in winter in the northern region is related to the warmth of the masses in the northern region and whether fog and haze can be reduced. On the basis of summarizing the current situation of heating in rural areas of northern China, this paper expounds the practical problems and basic needs of clean heating. Taking Shandong as the research object, this paper studies the applicability of different modes of clean heating technology in rural areas of North China.The author calculates the heat load demand during heating period, screens the suitable clean heating technology in Shandong area, and obtains the suitable technical path and application mode for rural clean heating in Shandong area.The technical feasibility, economic feasibility and environmental impact of different modes of clean heating, such as solar heating, gas heating and biomass pyrolysis multi-generation heating, are analyzed. The results show that under the existing economic and technological conditions, biomass pyrolysis polygeneration is suitable for clean heating in rural areas of Shandong Province, especially for demonstration and promotion of small centralized or decentralized heating in natural villages or new rural communities. This study provides a new way to solve the problem of clean heating in rural areas of northern China.

Keywords clean heating, clean energy, biomass, technoļ¼economic, pyrolysis polygeneration

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