Volume 47

Study on the Energy Consumption and Response Potential of Building Energy Cells Considering Urban Microclimatic Effects Juanshi Li, Yi Tang*, Shan Gao, Xiao Han



With the rapid increase in building energy consumption during the urbanization process, the analysis of building energy consumption and response potential needs to consider the impact of urban microclimate. This paper explores the factors and pathways influencing the energy consumption of Building Energy Cells under urban microclimatic conditions and constructs a model of Building Energy Cells affected by urban microclimate, aiming to reveal how these microclimatic conditions affect the energy use behavior and response potential of Building Energy Cells. This study provides a scientific basis for urban planners and architects, promotes a deeper understanding of building energy consumption under urban microclimatic conditions, and offers new perspectives and methods for achieving sustainable use of building energy.

Keywords Microclimate, Building Energy Cells, Energy Consumption Analysis, Demand Response Potential

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