Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Supply Chain Optimization of Agricultural Biomass Waste for Centralized Power Generation Jixiang Zhang, Jun Li, Changqing Dong, Zongming Zheng, Hao Liu



Pre-treatment and storage of agriculture residue are crucial for its supply chain. To investigate the effect of pre-treatment methods (i.e. torrefaction and compaction), the number of storage depot, and power generation technology on supply chain model, this work compared 7 scenarios in order to optimize supply chain model for power generation in China using corn stalk as feedstock. Furthermore, the influential roles of supply chain parameters on power generation profitability will be investigated through sensitivity analysis. It was found that combined heat and power based power generation shows significant profitability compared with electricity generation. The results approved that supply chain model reaches the highest profitability with compaction as pre-treatment method and 9 storage depots. According to sensitivity analysis results, the capital investment cost of power plant is the most influential parameter for supply chain profitability, the followed by is the purchasing price of corn stock residues.

Keywords Agriculture residues, pre-treatment, supply chain model, CHP

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