Volume 26: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part I

Sustainable Business Models for Sustainable Concrete – The Triple Layered Proposition Dimitrios Pappas, Alexis Ioannidis, Xin Li, Tiago Botelho, Michael Kouroupis, Konstantinos J. Chalvatzis



Addressing the growing need for sustainability, novel concrete solutions become increasingly popular for mitigating the negative environmental impacts found in cement production, such as high CO2 emissions output and raw materials overuse, providing conventional concrete products alternatives. The industry is lacking a common analytical framework for business models to clearly define sustainable concrete value streams present across economic, environmental, and social layers. Our research utilises the Triple-Layer Business Model Canvas (TL-BMC) to analyse a piloted sustainable concrete product (CIRCLE), describes its multi-layered value, and effectively provides the common framework for sustainable concrete business model adaptation. We conclude that the Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas (TL-BMC) is the most appropriate framework that enables the identification and establishment of successful business models focused on sustainable concrete.

Keywords business models, triple-layered business model canvas, sustainability, novel concrete solutions, construction

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