Sustainable Energy Ecosystem Based on Power to X Technology Xiaoen Li, Xue Yang, George You Zhou, Shujun Mu, John Lemmon


This paper discusses the concept of the sustainable energy ecosystem and introduces the main progress of our solid oxide electrolysis cell research. The latest progress of Power to X (P2X) technology realizes the sustainability of the multi-energy network by introducing the carbon-based cycling procedure. Among the P2X technologies, Solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) is used to co-electrolyze CO2-H2O to produce synthetic gas, which is then synthesized into hydrocarbons through a fetor reactor. These two steps can effectively utilize the CO2 in the atmosphere and realize the carbon-neutral cycle. We focus on the made of Ce0.92Ni0.08O2/YSZ/LSM thin-film batteries at 600℃ for producing syngas. The experiment result shows that the observed current density reaches 0.1 mA/cm2 with a Faraday efficiency of over 95% and a hydrocarbon yield around 4 ml/min/cm2.

Keywords sustainable energy ecosystem, Power to X, electrochemistry, SOEC

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