Volume 18: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part I

Synergistic Effects of High Boost Pressure and Fuel Injection Strategy on Diesel Engine Performance Zhao Zhang, Can Wang, Zongyu Yue, Haifeng Liu, Yanqing Cui, Mingsheng Wen, Xiangen Kong, Yangyi Wu, Zunqing Zheng



A study on the synergistic effects of high boost pressure and injection strategies on diesel engine performance were investigated. The highest gross indicated thermal efficiencies (ITEg) are at the intake pressure of 0.3 MPa. The soot and NOx emissions increase with increasing intake pressure. But once intake pressure which reaches 0.2 MPa has less effect on the diesel engine performance. Overall, intake pressure has larger effects on ITEg and emissions than injection pressure; intake pressure also has larger effects on ITEg than start of injection (SOI), but SOI has larger effects on emissions than intake pressure.

Keywords intake pressure, injection strategies, diesel engine, thermal efficiency, emissions

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