Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

Synthesis Strategies of Lead-free Double Perovskites Nanocrystals Lingjun Wu, Wei Chen, Zijian Chen, Zixuan Wang, Hao Huang, Haitao Zhao, Xue-feng Yu



Due to outstanding properties, the lead perovskites exhibit great potentials in optoelectronic applications, while still facing serious issues due to its high toxicity and instability. This necessitates the development of environmental-friendly lead-free double perovskites nanocrystals with low toxicity and tunable desired properties via size-control. In this review, we present the synthesis routines of lead-free perovskite nanocrystals, followed by detailed discussion of common characterization techniques and potential applications. This work is aimed for providing more insights in the property-tuning and synthesis of high-quality nano-size lead-free perovskites.

Keywords lead-free metal halide double perovskite, nanocrystal, synthesis, photovoltaics

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