Volume 28: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part III

Tar distribution prediction for rapid pyrolysis based on modified CPD Model under upgrading of coal with low-carbon emissions Panxi Yang, Wei Guo1, Jianxuan Shang, Bolun Yang, Zhiqiang Wu



Rapid pyrolysis of pulverized coal is an essential procedure of the coal upgrading process, but still faced with the problem of high content of heavy components in the tar. The CPD model is a kinetic model that can effectively predict the distribution of coal pyrolysis gas-liquid-solid products, but incapable of achieving a detailed description of the specific composition of the tar. Therefore, based on the fundamental assumptions of the molecular structure of coal in original CPD model, a more detailed tar cutting method is carried out. For the tar component only contains one aromatic unit, the aromatic core is divided as 2 types and the yield of tar with less molecular weight can be calculated. By adopting the modifications above, a more accurate prediction of the tar product distribution can be achieved. This study can provide theoretical guidance for the intensification of the pyrolysis process.

Keywords CPD model, coal structure, distillation cutting

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