Volume 39: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part II

Techno-Economic Analysis of Alkaline Electrolyzers’ Scaling-up Strategies Xiayi Shi, Chunjun Huang, Yi Zong



Water electrolysis systems accelerate the green transition in Danish power, notably via mature alkaline electrolyzers integrated with renewables. The demand for clean and sustainable energy sources has spurred significant interest in electrolysis for hydrogen production. Electrolyzers play a pivotal role in this context, and efforts to scale up their operation are central to meeting the growing hydrogen demand. This study develops MATLAB/Simulink models of various-sized alkaline electrolyzers to design large hydrogen plants, assessing their scalability and economic viability.

Keywords alkaline electrolyzers, MATLAB/Simulink simulation, net present value, scaling-up, techno-economic analysis

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