Volume 20: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part III

Techno-economic analysis of hybrid thermal energy storage in energy industries Pouriya H Niknam,Yulong Ding, Adriano Sciacovelli



Thermal energy storage (TES) plays a crucial role in waste heat recovery and decarbonisation of the industrial sector and energy efficiency improvement. The combination of two energy storage technologies makes TES a promising asset for managing different types of energy in a single system; however, such an opportunity has not received attention so far. To overcome the traditional view of TES based on a single approach only, this study investigates the techno-economic value of using hybrid TES (HTES) as a multi-tech energy storage asset for the provision of energy streams either in low or high energy density for the industrial applications. The system is envisioned to consist of sub-sections which to provide fast-response TES as well as longer-duration TES. The selected case study is a hybrid water-latent heat system. The former accept steam while the latter can support the former and optionally receive energy from an additional source. The study discusses the technical characteristics and the interaction of the compartments. Compared to a conventional TES, the proposed HTES provides a relevant 20-30% increase in overall storage capacity based on fixed equipment size. The economic analysis revealed that the potential reduction in investment cost and O

Keywords Waste heat recovery, techno-economic analysis, thermal energy storage, thermal battery, hybrid energy storage

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